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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Where in the bloody hell have I been all this time? Don't ask.

I did, however, manage to get off my arse and post some Dexter pictures. But where's the sparkling wit, the riveting narrative, the trenchant insight I've come to rely on for meaning in this swirling, centerless universe, you implore? Buggered if I know. Here are the puppy pictures.

I'd like to think I'll post a Top 10 list or something in the near future, for what that's worth.

Congrats to Meetup for passing 100,000 members.

MP3 Of The Time Increment: Mysteries, by Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man. Beth is the singer for Portishead, Rustin Man is a bloke from Talk Talk. Nice stuff.

I can be spotted in the flash demo for the new Dell handheld (click on the link to the Flash Tour in the left nav). Which one is me? How did I even end up in this thing? Ah-hah!

The new Bond film was disappointing. You know why? They committed the cardinal sin of Bond films -- they got the tone wrong. The theme song by Madonna didn't have the requisite John Barry sounded like her new single, not like a Bond theme. The double entendres were more explicit than campy. The invisible car is more fantastical than amusingly far-fetched. It's a shame because the last couple have got the formula spot on. Oh well...only a couple years until the next one.

West Ham are appalling this year. Really puts a downer on my weekends. Yet to win a match at home, and it's already December. I could wheel my grandmother out, strap some cleats on her, and watch proudly as she instructed Christian Dailly on how to defend against set pieces.


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